Proposals for Alfa Best Pest Control Franchise

Alfa Best Pest Control Services

Proposals for Alfa best Pest Control Franchise:-

Every structure in our area will eventually need pest control services, and we are pleased to be able to bring you and your residents the most eco friendly, safe, and efficient services in the Indore MP India area. Why choose Alfa Best  Pest Control Services. We are a family owned business with over twenty years of experience in pest control, including removal and protection against termites, carpenter ants, roaches, ants, silverfish, and rodents of all types. In short, we are your local experts.

All information included here is valid for 90 days from the date of this letter. We  look forward to answering any questions you may have. Every structure in our area will eventually need pest control services, and we are pleased to be able to bring you and your residents the most eco friendly, safe, and efficient services in the Indore MP India area.

Alfa Best  Pest Control Services are your local experts. ForestLands Apartments needs to identify and control existing pests on the property, and to protect against future infestations.

#The Objective:-

Prevent pests around and within the Indian land. Inspect property and identify pest problems and any property damage they may have caused. Remove existing pests, repair property damage, and restore healthy conditions within the apartment complex.

Prevent future pest infestations.

#The Opportunity:-

Alfa Best  Pest Control Services offers expertise in meeting all these needs. Document all pests present on the property and any damage already caused by these pests. Make recommendations about removal of current pests and prevention of future pest infestations.

Remove pests and prevent future infestations, guaranteeing safety and protection for property, employees, and residents of the apartment complex.

#The Solution:-

Alfa Best  Pest Control can efficiently identify, remove, and prevent pests from damaging property and risking the health of residents. Have Alfa Best  Inspectors conduct  thorough inspection of the   Apartments complex, making an assessment of all apartment units as well as the exterior of all buildings and grounds. Inspectors will then present a report for review by  property managers.

Have Alfa Best  Pest Control Services remove all pests present. Contract with Alfa Best  Pest Control Services to routinely inspect and prevent pests from returning. Total Pest Control Protection for   Apartments Annual Fee includes initial inspection, immediate treatment, and any follow up treatments needed as well as quarterly inspections of exteriors and annual inspection of interiors.

All work is limited Guaranteed. 

Any damage caused by pests after initial treatment will be not be paid for by Alfa Best  Pest Control Services as long as we are still under contract with you.


- INR 24999  Per Year

- 1 Year minimum contract

- Assessment and Report Only of Total  Work

-Free for initial  Training to Staff 

-Free for initial Kit

-Package Contain:

Sprayer Machine, Cockroach Gel, Liz Out Spray & Mosquito Liquid: 

It Repels Cockroach,Lizards, Ant, Termites & Mosquitoes Also

Skin-friendly & No side Effects

Safe to use in the kitchen also.

Instant results for few Months 

This includes a thorough inspection of all units inside and out, a report of findings, and recommendations for Treatment.

Pest Repellent  to Repel Lizard,   Cockroach, Mosquito,   Ants Spider Insect Pest Repelling

- Inspection and  Report 

- Rs3 Per Sq Ft Per Apartment Unit

- Limited Pest Removal

- 90% Sharing to Franchiser

- 90%  Results Guaranteed for 90 days. 

- All Material On Actual Cost + Shipping

Standard Disclaimer.

The prices above are valid for 90 days, and are not locked in until a contract has been signed. Alfa Best  Pest Control will do a thorough assessment of your property, checking for all types of pests and the damage they may have done. Our employees are trained to inspect not only for live organisms but for droppings, eggs, damage to wood and other surfaces, as well as other signs of pests. We may use tiny cameras and chemical testing devices to ensure that we do not miss any signs of pests.

We inspect for the following pests. Ants, bedbugs, bees, beetles, carpet beetles, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, fleas, flies, hornets, moths, rodents, silverfish, spiders, termites, ticks, and weevils. In the course of our inspections, we often observe other problems, such as mold, mildew, or dry rot. After our inspection, we will give you a thorough report of everything we found.

We will be able to accommodate your needs with a custom-tailored solution. We know that one solution does not always fit all situations. So we are pleased to present you with the following choices. No Obligation Professional Pest Assessment of All Structures When you suspect you may have a problem, we can help you evaluate the situation with this option.

We will thoroughly inspect all areas and report all problems found. We will also make recommendations for action, based on what we find. This initial assessment will be performed at no cost to you. Professional Pest Assessment and Same Day Treatment of All Structures We will perform the professional pest assessment as described above, and treat for all pests on the same call.

This option guarantees that all problems will be dealt with right away. On Call Spot Treatments When you have observed a problem and want a limited area treated for a specific pest, we can schedule a limited treatment to take care of that area. This option might be desirable as specific apartments become available for rent.

Muskan Goyal 

HR Manager

Alfa Best Pest Control 

Aircrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.


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